Bedeutet Uns die Fußball-WM Wirklich Etwas?

With the World Cup nigh upon us, it seemed a good occasion to revisit an old article from four years ago (the last time the World Cup took place). Only this time, it's in German. For the original English version, click here. Die Fußballweltmeisterschaft ist fast da! Und obwohl ich schon 32 Jahre alt bin,… Continue reading Bedeutet Uns die Fußball-WM Wirklich Etwas?


On Novak Djokovic’s Refusal to Vaccinate Himself Against COVID-19.

In an exclusive interview for the BBC, tennis superstar Novak Djokovic offered the following justification for his refusal to vaccinate himself against COVID-19. "Me, as an elite professional athlete, I have always carefully reviewed, assessed everything that comes in from the supplements, food, the water that I drink, or sports drinks - anything really that… Continue reading On Novak Djokovic’s Refusal to Vaccinate Himself Against COVID-19.

On Jan Leyk on Mesut Özil

The Sunday before last, German footballer and 2014 World Cup winner, Mesut Özil caused huge controversy, especially in Germany, when he retired from international football because, to unhelpfully condense the whole affair into one sentence, ‘racism should never ever be accepted’. The whole unseemly episode began when Özil and German team-mate Ilkay Gundoğan, who both enjoy… Continue reading On Jan Leyk on Mesut Özil

Are More Important Goals Better Goals?

In the 64th minute of yesterday's Champions League final, Gareth Bale scored an outrageous bicycle kick to give eventual winners Real Madrid the lead over Liverpool. Here it is. During the BBC’s Radio 5 Live coverage (at 1:25:33), commentators Mark Lawrenson and Chris Waddle debated whether it was a greater goal than Cristiano Ronaldo’s… Continue reading Are More Important Goals Better Goals?

Guest Post: Imaginative Resistance and the Woody Allen Problem – Kathleen Stock

This post was originally posted at the Thinking About Fiction blog, here. I have a problem. I love mid-period Woody Allen films. In no particular order, I love: the jokes, the affection, the humanity, the characterisation, the depiction of family life, the locations, the performances, the references to other films, books and poetry, the clothes, the music,… Continue reading Guest Post: Imaginative Resistance and the Woody Allen Problem – Kathleen Stock